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Performance in Paris at L'Atelier de Picasso An excerpt of the concert at Kings Place, London


Recently I made the instruments for the Quartet of Peace that is using the beauty of string quartet music to promote worldwide the ideals of peace, reconciliation, freedom and hope represented by South Africa’s four Nobel Peace Prize laureates.

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BBC TV news insert of a concert held at the Cradle of Humankind, World Heritage Site.

Click here to view a video of me making the instruments from the first shaving to the inaugural gala concerts.

The Quartet has played in St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, Germany; London, Kings Place and in L'Atelier de Picasso, Paris France. The Quartet of Peace and the making of the instruments was featured in The Strad of December, 2010.

Funds raised from Quartet of Peace concerts are donated to charities that support the upliftment of children in impoverished areas of Africa through the medium of music programs.



St. Thomas Church in Leipzig, Germany


"My Lisus viola, 'Ilanga', ended a lengthy search for an instrument which possessed both the warmth and evenness of tone required for chamber music as well as the clarity and projection necessary for solo performance. Apart from being beautifully crafted and pleasing to the eye, its responsiveness makes it a pleasure to play."